In the work, “Romeo and Juliet”, Shakespeare recited: ” There is no world for me outside the walls of Verona: but purgatory, torture, hell itself; Hence-banished is banish’d from the world, and world’s exile is death.” Surely you will also fall in love at first sight with the beautiful city of Verona, just as the famous writer and playwright did! It is classified as a Unesco world heritage site, it is known as the city of lovers; it offers a wealth of evidence dating back to the Roman era starting with the Arena, the various ports scattered around the city, Ponte Pietra (Stone Bridge); there is also evidence dating back to the time of the Seignories with Castelvecchio, Piazza Erbe, Lamberti Tower, Piazza della Signoria, and much more. There are many other things you can see in Verona, but the ideally, you must not miss the following things for the world: strolling through the streets, sitting along the Liston, enjoying an aperitif in one of the many “osterie” (taverns) situated in the city centre … in short: enjoy yourselves!