Valeggio sul Mincio

If you say Valeggio you say Tortellini! Legend has it that this stuffed egg pasta originated from this town, Valeggio situated on the river Mincio, dating back to even the 14th century. Valeggio borders with Mantua and it is situated about 20 km south-west of Verona and is crossed by the river Mincio. According to some studies, the term Valeggio could mean ‘a flat place’, even though tradition says that the name derives from Vale dium, or the ‘Valley of the gods’. Moreover, it is famous for the Sigurtà Park Garden, formerly adjacent to Villa Sigurtà; today it is a truly independent property. It is a park-garden that is open to the public from March to November and it covers an area of over 60 acres; it has recently been awarded a prize as the Most Beautiful Park in Italy.