San Martino della Battaglia

It acquired its present name due to the fact that the historical battle of San Martino was fought here during the second war of independence (24th June 1859) during which the armies of the Kingdom of Sardinia, led by King Victor Emmanuel II and allied with the French Emperor Napoleon III, defeated the Austrians, led by Emperor Franz Joseph.

Monuments and places of interest:

  • The 74m-tall National Monument – Tower was built in 1880 and inaugurated on 15th October 15 1893. It was built in memory of King Victor Emmanuel II and of those who fought for the independence and the unification of Italy in the wars between 1848 and 1870.
  • Church Ossuary. This originally belonged to counts Tracagni; it was inaugurated on 24th June 24 1870. It contains skulls and bones which belonged to soldiers of all nationalities.
  • The San Martino Museum. It was built in 1939 and it is situated behind the tower it contains relics and documents relating to the battle that took place on 24th June 1859.
  • The Ossuary of San Martino..