Monzambano and Castellaro Lagusello

Monzambano, the last Virgilian village, lies on the Morainic hills that crown Lake Garda and which are lapped by the river Mincio; its climate and vegetation are typically lacustrine. The landscape is suggestive: olive and cypress trees stand out on the hills among the vineyards. This area is appreciated for its tourist itineraries; it offers spontaneous and warm hospitality in its trattorias, holiday farms and restaurants where you can taste local wines and typical dishes.

The following are well worth visiting:

  • The medieval Castle, the view and the city walls.
  • The 18th century church of San Biagio, obtained from a previous Romanesque church dedicated to St. Mary. The saint is worshipped in this location on 3rd February with the blessing of the throat followed by a period of celebration in which the inhabitants of the village offer guests “wine and fugasì”.
  • The parish church dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel.
  • The Romanesque church of the Blessed Virgin of the Annunciation commonly called “The Blessed Virgin of Discipline”.
  • The Town Hall square and Corso Umberto I. Vicolo Balilla that leads to the characteristic, recently renovated “Piazzetta delle Arti e Mestieri” (Square of Arts and Professions) which offers a breath-taking panorama of the River Mincio valley.
  • Castellaro Lagusello, a hamlet in the municipality of Monzambano, was built on a small hill overlooking a heart-shaped lake. As from 2011, due to the fact that is one of the 111 pile-dwelling archaeological sites situated in the Alps and in the surrounding areas, the Fondo Tacoli district of Castellaro Lagusello was elected as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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