This is a series of pools and lagoons, caves and waterfalls that put at your disposal over 5,200 m2 of water rich in bromide and iodide salts that gushes as a pure spring at 47°C from a depth of 130 metres, in order to blend the benefits of balneotherapy with the pleasure of hydro massage and music-chromotherapy, with atmospheres that are captivating in spring and summer and fascinating in winter.
This is an enchanting architectural structure that is just like a precious stone, set among the gentle hills of Valpolicella only a few kilometres away from Lake Garda.
Inside this, there is a wellness centre that stretches for 1,500 m2 with beauty cabins and state-of-the-art spas with a Medical SPA where you can consult prominent specialists. A world of wellness where you can meet others, relax and spend leisure time while savouring the art of “savoir vivre”. The local food and wine specialities blend with Mediterranean flavours at Aquardens Restaurant and Ripasso Bistrò that are open all days also to external visitors.
Light, fresh flavours welcome guests who are spa tourism enthusiasts at the Salus Self Restaurant and in the several bars situated inside the facilities.

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TEL. +39 045 6704406
FAX. +39 045 4770079